Experience the future of manufacturing

The SHERLOCK solution will be tested and validated into 4 industrial pilot cases of the end-users:


Empowered with artificial
intelligence for real-time validation
of manufacturing process, the robot
is able to handle heavy payload
while operators focus on lightweight
assembly operations.

challenge: support the worker, handling large and heavy parts

Boosted by artificial intelligence,
the robot and the operators work
together on precisions tasks.
Through user-friendly interfaces,
the operators can receive
on-the-spot instructions
or tailored training.

challenge: close interaction with the robot guiding the operator to perform various precise tasks without error


Thanks to wearable sensors
and augmented reality,
the smart exoskeleton adapts
automatically and in real-time
its support capabilities to ensure
that operators work in
ergonomic postures.

challenge: improvement of the workplace environment, health and safety, while maximising the quality, the production rate and the maintenance costs

The mobile and responsive robot
enables meticulous and instant
collaboration on the assembly of large
workpieces. Artificial intelligence
and 3D cameras enhance the robot’s
cognition and improve real-time

challenge: substitution of one operator and improvement the cost-efficiency of the manipulation of large parts while allowing the current operator to focus on high value tasks