SHERLOCK is pleased to announce the first, early, commercially exploitable result of the project, COMAU Racer5 Cobot, a new paradigm in collaborative robotics, designed and commercialized by COMAU.

COMAU Racer5 Cobot

COMAU, a well-known Italian robotics manufacturer and industrial partner of SHERLOCK, just released to the market their newly developed low-payload collaborative robot.

Driven by the requirements of the industrial use cases of SHERLOCK, aligned with the market needs, COMAU developed within the project a low payload collaborative robot with payload of 5Kg.

It is currently the only collaborative robot able to automatically switch from industrial robot speed to collaborative speed. This feature allows it to work in full -industrial- speed when the operator is far away from the robot while reducing its speed to lower -collaborative- speed when the operator enters its working area.  Thus, increased flexibility and productivity, as well as reduction of cycle time, can be achieved.

Moreover, Racer5 cobot offers an intuitive, non-intrusive programming framework. The operator is able to effortlessly move the end effector and teach robot motion using hand guidance.

Racer5 cobot is a certified product, complying with all the safety derivatives relevant with human-robot collaboration.

For more information, you may visit the web page of the product.

Racer5 Cobot General Functionalities