SHERLOCK final event: Industrial applications of novel Human-Robot Collaboration paradigm

28 October 2022

9:00-13:15 CET


Location: VDL Industrial Modules, Helmond, Netherlands

Organizer: SHERLOCK consortium

The EU-funded SHERLOCK project aspires to develop flexible, safe human-centred robotic applications for new collaborative workplaces. The project introduces novel robotics technologies, such as high and low payload collaborative robots, exoskeletons and mobile dual-arm robots, enhanced with smart mechatronics and AI-based cognition to augment human capabilities. The novel SHERLOCK shop floor ensures the operators’ safety, acceptance and well-being.

Join us in Helmond, Netherlands, on 28 October to learn about the novel human-robot collaborative technologies developed within SHERLOCK, driven by the requirements of the European Industry. Apart from the individual technologies, the workshop will showcase their deployment, as four integrated production stations, in four industrial demonstrators derived from the renewable energy, industrial modules assembly, machine building and aeronautics sectors. The workshop will conclude with crucial findings related to performance, phycological impact, and acceptance of the solution as the outcome of on-site evaluation activities.